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Promotion: Exclusive Gifts

Want to give gifts to qualified attendees only? Try a tiered gift program that rewards attendees according to their value to the company. It allows you to show gratitude for their interest while motivating them to learn more about your product or company. And, it enables you to cut costs by controlling distribution.

Here are five steps to help you plan a tiered gift program:

1.       Set a goal for the number and type of prospects you want to contact. For example, if you are a financial company targeting the health-care industry, you may want to attract 40 attendees - 10 of which are CFOs or other hospital executives.

2.       Determine what each prospect is worth to your company. Are you willing to invest $15 per quality lead or $100?

3.       Set a budget and choose gift items within it. The items should appeal to your audience and help you achieve your objectives for a show.

4.       Decide how to publicize the gift reward. You can send a pre-show mailer to quality prospects and promise a gift when they return it to the booth. Or, you can base the reward on participation in a booth activity, such as a game, demonstration, or meeting with a sales rep.

Measure the program's results. If your gift program doesn't help achieve your objectives, then you're just giving away free stuff at the company's expense.

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